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PT. Jupiter Semesta Utama

An Indonesian Private Company in Metal Works Manufacturing Industry.
Our products are mostly for Retail Equipments Displays, Consumer Goods Displays, Constructions, and Metal Furnitures. Other than Service and Made to Order Works, we now holds Ready Goods for Common-used Products.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      MISSION STATEMENT

To be a leading Metal Manufacturer in the Country and Globally. Our beliefs are: 1. Quality (Cheap isn't always good) 2. Long-Term Relationship (Everybody's Happy) 3. Satisfaction (Customers Always Comes Back)  4. Commitment (We dont promise you the moon, we just keep our words) 5. After Sales  Service (Stay Connected). The company's general objective is to build Indonesian manufacturing sector grow together as a nation. Manufacturing should be the backbone of Indonesia's growing Economy. 


Bought by the Group Chatulistiwa's CEO Bastiansyah Hamid in late 1980s, the current 5018 m2 Factory was a small workshop in Wood Processing.
CV. Chatulistiwa's (the Parent Company) big projects were making Public Phones for TELKOM across Indonesia. We were also the Sole Agent of Anritsu Co. of Japan. Now that the Public Phone days are over, managed by Bastiansyah's second generation,  Jupiter Semesta Utama has transformed its machine, equipment, manpower, in order to keep its existance and coping to the changing market demand.

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